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6200 Gas Mask Filter Cotton Cover

Type: gas mask
Material: PP
Weight: 0.01 (g)
Packing: bag / box
Mask style: head-mounted
Breathing valve device: yes
Protection level: high
Filter effect: high
Executive Standard: LA
Get certified: LA
Replaceable consumables: no
Scope of use: supporting
Specification: 20 pcs / box, 5 boxes / carton = 100 pcs


Product Brief

3M 501 filter cotton cover can not be used alone, can be used with 6000 series or 7000 series gas mask half + two 6001CN organic vapor filter box + two 5N11 filter cotton. The three-dimensional trapezoidal design is used to fix the 5N11 filter cotton on the 6000/7000 filter box. 3M 6000/7000 series protective mask (dual filter box) replacement filter cartridge and filter cotton cover. The product passed the Chinese GB2890-2009 standard certification.


Product packaging

20 pcs / box, 5 boxes / carton = 100 pcs

Filter Cover





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