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Alkali Glass Fiber Woven Fabric in Anti-corrosion Pipeline

Ingredients: Alkali
Uses: FRP products, FRP molds, anti-corrosion pipes, etc.
Roll length: 50m
Width: 90cm


Product name: Fiberglass Gingham

Product attributes: good hand lay performance, good resin penetration, not easy to foam, even weight distribution

Width and roll length: 90cm, 50cm

Scope of application: used in glass fiber reinforced plastic products, construction tanks, pipes, sanitary ware products, molds, etc.

Medium-alkali glass fiber cloth (abbreviated as medium-alkali cloth) is woven with medium-alkali glass fiber yarn, which has good acid resistance, high temperature resistance,

High tensile strength, easy to combine with resin. Medium-alkali glass cloth should be used to produce plastic-coated packaging cloth, as well as corrosion-resistant occasions.

The characteristics of the fabric are determined by fiber properties, warp and weft density, yarn geometry and texture. The warp and weft density is determined by the yarn structure and texture.

Medium-alkali glass fiber refers to glass fiber with an alkali metal oxide content of 11.9% -16.4%. Because of its high alkali content, it cannot be used as an electrical insulating material, but its chemical stability and strength are better.

Medium Alkali Glass Fiber Cloth

Medium Alkali Glass Fiber Cloth product

Wide range of applications

Sanitary ware, auto parts, cooling tower, fiberglass hull, fiberglass storage tank, pipeline





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