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Analysis of characteristics and application fields of construction steel-plastic composite pipes!

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The steel-plastic composite pipe is produced by a five-layer one-step method. The four-layer plastic is all extruded. The inner pipe is extruded, heated, glued, covered with steel pipes, heated, covered with plastic, and covered with plastic. Process requirements are high.

Steel-plastic composite pipe, the product is based on seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe, the inner wall is coated with high adhesion, anti-corrosion, food-grade hygienic polyethylene powder coating or epoxy resin coating. The water-galvanized inner coating plastic composite steel pipe made by pre-treatment, pre-heating, inner coating, leveling and post-treatment process is an upgraded product of traditional galvanized pipe.

Steel-plastic composite pipe is abbreviated as steel-plastic pipe. It uses steel pipe as the base material and is coated with plastic material. Therefore, it not only maintains the high strength and toughness of the steel pipe, but also has high pressure resistance, impact resistance, and crack resistance. Compared with galvanized pipe and cast iron pipe, it is more safe, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly. It can completely replace galvanized pipe and cast iron pipe in the field of water supply. The installation method of steel-plastic pipe is similar to galvanized pipe, and the operation is simple. In recent years, Steel-plastic pipes have been widely used in developed cities in China. With the continuous renovation of the city's direct drinking water project, steel-plastic pipes will surely gain greater market space.

1. Performance characteristics of steel-plastic composite pipe:

1. Excellent corrosion resistance   resistant to various concentrations of acid, alkali, salt corrosion, non-scaling service life rate is higher than other pipes.

2. The flame retardant performance is good. The plastic raw material additive used in the product has a flame retardant performance that complies with national standards and its steel-plastic composite structure. The flame retardant performance is better than other pipe materials.

3. It has extremely strong adhesion. The inner and outer walls of the steel pipe are subjected to high-efficiency shot blasting and sand blasting, and the coating adhesion is ≥30N/10mm.

4. Excellent mechanical properties   can withstand harsh environments. The steel-plastic composite pipe has good toughness, high mechanical strength of the steel pipe, and has a strong ability to withstand external impacts such as impact bending. The connection is convenient and firm. It can be connected with a quick connector, a card connection, and has a strong interchangeability.

Analysis of characteristics and application fields of construction steel-plastic composite pipes!

Second, the steel-plastic composite pipe sex connection

1. Features of quick connector:

(1) Simple and convenient installation and disassembly, improved work efficiency

⑵Allow 3-8 degree axial deflection, strong installation applicability

⑶ Effectively reduce mechanical vibration, good anti-seismic effect

⑷Compensation pipeline system thermal expansion and contraction, can cancel the expansion joint and U-shaped pipeline

⑸The diameter of the connecting piece is consistent with the nominal diameter and pressure level of the pipe

2. Features of flange connection:

⑴ Easy connection

⑵Synchronous coating of inner and outer walls of pipe fittings

⑶Good sealing

⑷The pressure level is consistent with the pipe

Analysis of characteristics and application fields of construction steel-plastic composite pipes!

3. Plug-in

Put the cable sleeve into the trench and insert it into the plug-in pipe section. Insert the other end of the pipe section into a cable sleeve until the installation is completed.

4. Flare tube connection

Put the flared tube into the trench, align the unflared end with the flared end of the other flared tube, and insert it to the flared depth.

5. Snap connection

It can be used in places with higher sealing requirements. Put the rubber seal ring on the outside of the connected pipe, and then buckle the clamp when it matches with the pre-rolled groove, and then fasten with two bolts.

3. Application fields of steel-plastic composite pipes

The application field of steel-plastic composite pipes is the cold and hot water pipes in urban construction water supply and drainage systems. Cold and hot water pipes for water supply and drainage systems in residential and commercial buildings; natural gas, gas and other transmission pipelines; petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other liquid transmission pipelines. Agricultural irrigation and drainage, water supply pipelines; water supply and drainage pipelines in industrial paper and fire protection systems.





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