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Anti-organic Vapor And Formaldehyde Mask Filter Box

Type: Filter box
Weight: 100 (g)
Packing: 2pcs / bag, 30bags / carton
Protection level: N95
Filtering effect: ≥95%
Executive Standard: LA
Function: Anti-organic vapor and formaldehyde
Range of use: spray painting, decoration


The poison filter box is one of the important components of the gas mask in the labor protection products, and is also the filter element of the gas mask to filter the gas. According to the application occasion and working environment of the filter box, it can be divided into a dust filter box and a poison filter box. The dust filter box is generally composed of a filter box body, a filter cotton, and a filter cotton cover. The dust filter cartridge lacks the filter cotton part, which is mainly used to reduce the respiratory resistance and is more suitable for long-term labor operations. The dust-proof filter box is suitable for anti-toxic smoke and poison mist. The anti-virus filter box is mainly for the protection of different poisonous gases. After the poison gas passes through the filter poison box, the activated carbon reagent inside the filter box is reacted with trace metal elements to react with the poison gas. After the harmless gas for the human body needs.


Filter Box

The method of using the filter box is as follows:

1. First of all, we have to open the outer packaging of the filter cartridge, take out the filter cartridge, and check it carefully to see if there is any crack on the filter cartridge. If there is any crack, it should be replaced immediately.


2. Then use both hands to pick up the filter cartridge and aim it at your mouth to breathe to see if you can breathe normally when wearing the filter cartridge. If it is difficult to breathe, the filter cartridge may have been Used it.


3. Take a closer look at the bayonet of the filter cartridge to see if it is worn, and force the bayonet to the place of the bayonet interface of the anti-virus mask to confirm that the sealing cushion on the bayonet of the filter cartridge is ok of.


4. Finally put the gas mask on your head, block the filter box with your own hands, and inhale vigorously. If you feel that there is no air inside, the sealing performance of the gas mask is better, and then let go of your hands. Exhale,

if you feel that it is very smooth at this time, it means that your filter box is intact.

Filter Box pic





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