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Are household PVC water pipes toxic?

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Are household PVC water pipes toxic?

Staff of the National Plastic Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center said that users of PVC water pipes in China are still relatively common. PVC water pipes have nothing to do with PVC plastic wrap. They have passed the inspection of PVC water pipes. There is no toxic phenomenon of water pipes. Residents can use PVC pipes with confidence. However, some experts said that PVC pipes are not necessarily all toxic. Qualified PVC itself is safe and non-toxic, and has the advantages of energy saving, impact strength, chemical resistance, and flame retardancy. It can be from minus 30 degrees Celsius to It is used in a temperature environment of 70 degrees Celsius and is the material recommended by the Ministry of Construction.

Are household PVC water pipes toxic?

Stabilizers are added during the production of PVC, but the stabilizers are classified as non-toxic and toxic. Only when toxic stabilizers such as lead salts are added, will there be hidden dangers. However, PVC products are mixed with fish and dragons, and some small enterprises use lead salts as stabilizers, which makes it difficult to meet relevant hygiene standards. When consumers choose PVC materials, it is best to go to the formal building materials market with reliable reputation and quality, and ask the supplier to issue a test report. Consumers should pay attention to check the relevant documents and signs, and products that have obtained the "Hygiene License for Hygiene and Safety Products Related to Drinking Water" are safe.

Are household PVC water pipes toxic?





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