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Assemble a set computer to need which accessorieses?

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CPU and CPU heat elimination machine and lord plank, memory, hard drive, show card, machine box, the power and only get rid of, display, the hardwares, such as keyboard and mouse...etc. constitutes.Among them, the display, keyboard and mouse belongs to a host to outside establish,

But only get rid of basic all eliminated at present, installing system to use USB flash drive canned immediately easily fix, therefore assemble a computer now, few people will buy light to get rid of.

The computer hardware knowledge that DIY packs machine to necessarily see knows well a solution

Underneath we concretely come to introduce CPU, show card, memory and main core hardwares, such as plank, hard drive, machine box and the power...etc..


CPU Chinese"CPU", is in the computer most one of the hardware of core, the heart of equal to computer, regardless all have CPU in a computer or a cellular phone, flat panel computer, don't  show that the operations all depended on CPU, the CPU function quality influenced the whole movement speed of computer, the main function is an explanation calculator instruction and the processing calculator data within software.

The 2. cpus eliminates heat machine

CPU eliminates heat the machine is to promote to eliminate heat a project for CPU, CPU eliminates heat the machine is also lacking a can not, without CPU heat elimination machine, the CPU oneself can not work as usual.Usually the CPU heat elimination machines are all cold breeze heat elimination machines, higher heat elimination environment can also choose a water cold heat elimination machine.

3.Lord plank

The lord plank is a hardware to carry body or platform, connective CPU, memory, hard drive, show core hardwares like card,etc, generally speaking lord the influence of the plank upon the function smallest, purchase lord the plank is mainly to have the initiative to consider brand, stability and expand sex, if lord the knothole stability isn't good, directly influence the stability of computer host.


The memory is one of the important hardwares in the computer, it is the bridge that carries on a communication with CPU.In the computer circulate all is carry on in the memory, CPU the data that need to be operated adjust to carry on an operation in the memory, after operation completes CPU will deliver as a result, therefore memory influence of the capacity upon the computer is very big.Purchase a memory to need to look into lord plank to support several memories of generation, the memory of different generation connects to have a dissimilarity, the memory frequency is more high, and its speed is more quick.

5.Hard drive

The hard drive is all one of the hardware used for a saving important data, include system, software, game, important data is is saving in the hardware, one of the necessary important hardwares.The hard drive divides solid hard drive and machine hard drive again, the solid hard drive is the hard drive that starts making widely available in recent years, the advantage of speed break with the function bottleneck of traditional machine hard drive, therefore pack all of machines currently are that the heads choose solid hard drive, certainly the solid hard drive also has the place of slight imperfection, mainly is capacity to be partial to small, the generally the best suggestion matches a solid+machine double hard drive project, give attention to both speed with greatly saving.

6.Show card

Show card is also one of important computer hardwares, undertake to show the exportation of sketch, concerning game function.Show card the cent integration show card and independently show card again, the integration in earlier period's showing all of cards are planks to carry at lord plank's showing chip, but currently integration show cards all integration in CPU, and then call that the core shows card.

It is independently an independent hardware to shows card, independently show the quality of card and comes to a decision sketch functions, such as game and design...etc., independently shows card currently NVIDIA and AMD for cent, is also the N card and A card that we often say,

7.Machine box

The machine box is one part that is in the computer accessories, the main function is to place with fix each computer hardware, there is 1 accepting to give and protecting a function.

The machine box can't influence computer function, but the machine box is a computer skeleton, the too inferior machine box easily appears loophole or short-circuit phenomenon, therefore should not buy a too cheap machine box, either.Moreover, if the choice is a small mini machine box, need to notice machine box and lord plank and eliminate heat hardwares like machine,etc whether and permit, not and permit will appear can not install, pack to need to understand before the machine bottom.

8.The power

The power is called is a computer of'heart', it is each hardware power supply, the different hardware assigns different direct current electric voltage.The quality of the power also comes to a decision the stability of computer, therefore we not only need to consider a tile number while purchasing the power, more important brand with do work to use to anticipate, unsteady power or inferior power, easily appear a computer multifarious crash, even damage other hardwares.

The above accessories belongs to a core parts and outside establish to wait accessories according to personal need choice





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