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Building board manufacturers teach you how to properly clean

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Building board manufacturers teach you how to properly clean

Building sheet manufacturers teach you how to properly clean. Building boards are very common woods, but after a long period of use, the building boards will have some stains. What should we do to keep them clean? Let me take a look at it below.

1. Clean the surface of the wood product before cleaning, and select the wood that has been broken and scratched. 2. Do not use water directly when cleaning wood. Any wood product has a certain water absorption. When the wood absorbs a large amount of water, it will cause deformation or warp of the product. 3. Face the dirt that is difficult to clean, tell everyone a little trick, the decontamination effect of toothpaste is also very good, and will not cause side effects. 4. Check the product for completeness before cleaning, as incompleteness will cause water to enter the interior of the wood from these parts, causing lesions. 5. Wipe the surface of the wood with a damp cloth first, then wipe off the excess water with a dry cloth.

It is believed that everyone knows the correct cleaning of building boards. In order to ensure the excellent application of wood for building board manufacturers, proper cleaning is very important, so that the use of wood can be used better, you can continue to pay attention. Our website. Welcome friends from all walks of life to ask for advice.Building board factory






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