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Common production materials for labor protection gloves

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There are many common labor protection gloves, such as windproof gloves, high temperature resistant gloves, warm gloves and so on. These labor protection gloves have one or more protective functions to protect human hands from injury or reduce the degree of injury.

Therefore, in daily life, it is often used in various environments. So, what materials are these common labor protection gloves made of?

1. The first layer of leather:

This comes from the surface part of the leather. It does not need to be processed and trimmed with other machines. It has the advantages of flexibility, comfort, and accurate grip. It is more suitable for the transportation or operation of small and medium-sized objects.

Common production materials for labor protection gloves

2. Two-layer leather:

This is generally taken from the inner layer of leather, which can be obtained by removing the outer layer. It has the advantages of wear resistance, puncture resistance, and cut resistance. It is more suitable for heavy manual labor, welding, or contact with sharp objects.

3. Cowhide:

As the name implies, it is cow skin, usually choose cow head layer skin (scraped from the ribs) or cow second layer skin (cattle back), because these two parts of the skin are soft, flexible, wear-resistant and tear-resistant It is suitable for manual work, welding and other types of work.

4. Goat leather:

This is goat leather, which is lighter than cowhide, but has the same performance advantages as cowhide. Therefore, this type of leather is more suitable for making mechanical gloves because of more flexibility and better contact effect.

5. Pigskin:

Most of the labor insurance gloves made from pigskin are Asian countries, because the price is cheaper than other leathers. However, relatively speaking, the protective gloves made of this material not only have poor mechanical properties, but also affect flexibility. Therefore, such gloves are generally used for simple isolation.

Common production materials for labor protection gloves

6. Lambskin:

This is a kind of material used to make labor protection gloves, but it has poor wear resistance and tear resistance, so it is generally used to make ordinary gloves, which has the advantages of thinness, flexibility and comfort.

Labor protection gloves are increasingly widely used in life and work, so people need to know more about labor protection gloves in order to better play the protective role of gloves. If you want to know more about labor protection gloves, please contact Linyin Building Materials Network.





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