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Construction board selection and processing technology!

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Construction board selection and processing technology!

We must pay attention to the moisture content when purchasing the building board. This is very important for us to choose the wood. The choice of this kind of wood is for us. The wood is good or bad. It is not easy for us to see it outside. Today we are A brief introduction to wood selection and processing technology.

  Rotary cutting method: also known as flat cutting, flat slice / flat piece, construction wood, string cutting veneer refers to the parallel line of the cutting knife along the center of the log, cut out the wood piece. Planing cutting method: cutting the oak wood with a slight angle The medullary ray, which minimizes the appearance of scaly wood grain, produces a veneer with a standard cutting method commonly used in several construction woods. The cut veneer is made of various oaks. The building wood can be customized according to different needs. Select the appropriate cutting method. Rotary cutting method: the log is installed in the center of the lathe, the slicing knife is inserted into the log at a slight angle, and then the log is rotated with a slicing knife to create a rotary cut veneer. When selecting the wood, we must Note that the moisture content of wood is too high or too low. The wood with low water content is light in weight, the surface of the tapping surface makes a crisp sound, and the wood with high moisture content feels cold and not crisp when pushing the plane. Do not buy in these two situations.

  Above, we introduced the processing technology and wood selection of building sheet wood, which is important for us. The cutting technology of wood is manifested in many aspects of the finished product, and the degree of wood utilization causes wood to occur. Damage, which requires maintenance, waterproof, moisture-proof and so on.Building sheet

Construction board selection and processing technology!





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