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Cut-resistant Wear-resistant Latex Protective Gloves

Function: Anti-cut gloves
Material: Latex
Length: around 26cm
Weight: 85g
Type: Non-disposable
Scope of use: construction site
Color: red, green
Size: One size xl


The rubber is first sliced by a rubber mixer, and after being sliced, it is sent to a sol tank and mixed with gasoline. After the sol is emulsified and prepared, the latex intermediate tank is pumped. The rubber solution dissolved in gasoline is fed from the top of the distillation tower and distilled by steam heating. The light-weight gasoline is heated into the gas phase, and the gasoline gas is mixed and cooled by cold water in the oil-gas cooler. The oil-water mixture then goes to the oil-water separator, the oil-water layer. The upper gasoline is recovered, and the lower water is pumped to the cooling water tower for cooling. After cooling, the gas gasoline of the distillation tower is cooled; the latex of the distillation tower kettle is sent to the latex mixing tank for stirring according to its own pressure. To be used after toning and filtering.


The glove model is first cleaned by acid and alkali and washed with water. The washed model is immersed in hot water and heated to the coagulant and dried for dipping. After dipping, it is sent to the oven for preliminary drying, adding fiber inner sleeve, hot water and then sent to the oven for curing and drying. The gloves are inflated after demoulding, low temperature setting, medium temperature drying, washing, dehydration, drying, and then packed and sent to the finished product warehouse.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves real shot

Good wear resistance

Made of excellent fabric, durable and durable, safe to use.


Comfortable and breathable

Cotton yarn material, ergonomic design, comfortable and breathable, tightly fits the palm.





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