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Dust And Gray Half Mask

Material: Silicone
Regular color: gray
Weight: 200 (g)
Packing: boxed
Mask style: head-mounted
Breathing valve device: yes
Protection level: KN90 / KN95
Filtering effect: excellent
Executive standard: GB2626-2006
Get certified: LA
Replaceable filter material: 4 filter elements can be replaced
Cover material: silicone
Function Dustproof
Scope of application: industrial dustproof, daily dustproof
Specification: 13.8 * 8.8 * 12.5
color: gray
Size: 46.5 * 29.40
Packing: 30 pcs / carton
Nose clip: Yes
Models: ST-1020A (silica gel), ST-1020B (rubber), ST-1010 KN90 (20 pieces / pack), ST-1020 KN95 filter cotton (20 pieces / pack)


Dustproof Half Mask

1. Personal protective equipment whose purpose is to prevent or reduce dust in the air from entering human respiratory organs to protect life safety.


2. Material: Dust masks are mostly made of two layers of non-woven fabric inside and outside, and a filter cloth (melt-blown cloth) in the middle.


3. Filtration principle: The filter dust mainly depends on the filter cloth in the middle. Because the melt-blown cloth has its own electrostatic characteristics, it can absorb positive small particles. Because the dust is adsorbed on the filter cloth, and the filter cloth is electrostatically charged and cannot be washed, the dust masks are all disposable.


4. Remarks: The international requirements for the use of dust masks are quite strict. Dust masks belong to the first level in personal protective equipment, higher than earmuffs and protective glasses. The more authoritative testing certifications are European CE certification and American NIOSH certification.






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