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Environmental Protection Waterproof Cork Floor

Level: Ⅱ
Apparent density: 230-250
Flexural strength: average
Type: Cork
Scope of use: indoor
Special function: not flame retardant
Uses: Floor
Material Cork Specification: 950 * 640 * 8MM, 950 * 640 * 6MM


Cork flooring

Cork floor advantages

1. Soft and comfortable feet cork floor has the characteristics of health, softness, comfort, good foot feeling and anti-fatigue. Each cork cell is a closed air cell. When the external pressure is applied, the cell shrinks and the internal pressure increases. When the pressure is lost, the air pressure inside the cell restores the cell to its original state. The resilience of cork can greatly reduce the pressure on the back, legs and ankles of the human body due to long-term standing, and is also conducive to the protection of the elderly's knee joints. The degree of injury.

2. Good anti-skid performance. At the same time, cork flooring has better anti-skid properties, and its anti-skid characteristics are also its biggest feature compared with other floors. The anti-skid coefficient of cork floor is 6, the elderly can't slip on it when walking, which increases the safety of use.

3. Ability to absorb noise Cork floor is an industry-recognized mute floor. Cork is very quiet because it feels soft, just like people walking on the beach. This piece is mainly structural, because the cork itself is a polyhedral structure, like a honeycomb, filled with air, 50% is air. After walking up, people feel that they step on 50% of the air and are very soft.

Cork floor real shot





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