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Flame Retardant Quartz Furniture Fiberboard

Product category: edge strip
Material: mineral fiber
Thermal conductivity (normal temperature): 0.056
Level: Ⅰ
Low temperature bending≤: 0.2
Elongation at break 0.1
Flexural strength: 38.8
Compressive strength: 4.74
Tensile strength: 14
Operating temperature: 600
Tear strength: 14
Core material: polyester fiber
Form: layered
Scope of use: indoor
Special function: Class A flame retardant


Fibreboard, also known as density board, is a wood-based board made of wood fiber or other plant-derived fibers with urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive. Adhesives and / or additives can be applied during the manufacturing process. Fiberboard has the advantages of uniform material, small vertical and horizontal strength difference, and is not easy to crack, etc., and is widely used. The production of 1 cubic meter of fiberboard requires about 2.5 to 3 cubic meters of wood, which can replace 3 cubic meters of sawn timber or 5 cubic meters of logs. The development of fiberboard production is an effective way of comprehensive utilization of wood resources.




Medium-density fiberboard is a kind of artificial board made by mechanically separating and chemically treating wood or plant fibers, admixed with adhesives and waterproofing agents, and then formed by high temperature and high pressure. The structure of MDF is more uniform than that of natural wood, and it also avoids the problems of decay and moth-eaten. At the same time, the MDF has less swelling and shrinking, which is convenient for processing. Because the surface of the MDF is flat, it is easy to paste various finishes, which can make the finished furniture more beautiful. Various decorative wood-based panels beautify the home.


Fiberboard real shot

Basic craft

Fiber separation → slurry treatment → slab forming → hot pressing → post-processing, etc.

Fiberboard effect

Fiberboard application effect





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