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Fumigation Moisture-proof Special Solid Wood Board

Into the fork item: two sides into the fork
Length: 1200
Width: 1100 (mm)
Maximum stacking layer: 5


The moisture-proof board is to add a certain proportion of moisture-proof particles in the production process of the base material, also known as melamine board (base material), which can greatly reduce the degree of expansion of the board when it meets water. Moisture-proof board originated in Europe.


Moisture proof board

Determine the quality of the dampproof board, generally divided into three aspects:

(1) Environmental protection: mainly refers to whether the glue added is lylaldehyde glue or melamine glue, the latter is very environmentally friendly, but this is not very good for the average customer to identify, the smell is also wrong, and some are left for a long time. There is no taste. Some are sealed for a long time, there is a taste. The weather is hot, the taste will be much bigger. The better way is to combine the inspection report with the logo on the board. It is not enough to just look at the inspection report, because a factory will produce different grades of boards, and the inspection report may not be of this level. Combined with the grade mark on the board, it is much more stable. Under normal circumstances, manufacturers and merchants can introduce chaos, billing can be chaotic, the mouth can not be recognized, the one written on the paper can be wrong, it is not a big deal To do it, it is not so simple to redo it on the product.


(2) Physical properties: such as gripping force, resistance to deformation, strength, etc. People who don't understand this thing generally don't recognize it well, generally recognize from the following: the particles of the moisture-proof board should not be too large, so that the strength is not enough, nor too small, this may be wood chips. Cut to see the cross-section (it must be irregular, the flat one can't be seen), and there are not many needle-shaped sheets.


(3) Moisture resistance: This is even more difficult to judge. Only take a different brand and take it home to soak in water.





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