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Head-mounted Welding Mask

Product Name: Protective mask
Product material: PP
Product model: Head-mounted
Scope of application: steel heat treatment, electroplating polishing, grinding wheel grinding, etc.


Head-mounted welding mask

High temperature and stamping resistance

High temperature and stamping resistance

Product advantages

Quality raw materials

The mask is made of high quality PP material, with a texture, comfortable to wear and strong protection


Thoughtful protection

Protect the eyes and sides from physical splash damage


Comfortable to wear

Soft and thick headband design makes your work without burden

Real shot of head-mounted welding mask

product details

Thoughtful protection

Color-changing lenses, blocking strong light and arc radiation, protecting your eyes in all directions and giving you a clearer vision.


Good corrosion resistance

Prevent chemical liquids, paints, etc. from splashing into the eyes, causing damage to the eyes. The glasses are acid and alkaline resistant and can protect the eyes well.


Strong material

The quality PVC is impact resistant, has strong impact resistance, and is comfortable to wear, even if it is punctured by a sharp object, it will not produce debris.

Real shot of welding head mask

Head-mounted welding mask details

Head-mounted welding mask details shot





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