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How is the multi-layer board produced?

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How is the multi-layer board produced?

The multi-layer board is a three-layer or multi-layered sheet material which is formed by cutting a wooden section into a single board or by cutting into a thin wood by wood, and then bonding with an adhesive, usually using an odd number of veneers and making adjacent layers. The fiber directions of the veneers are glued perpendicularly to each other.

Multilayer board is one of the commonly used materials for furniture processing enterprises, and it is a kind of wood-based board. A set of veneers is usually formed by gluing a vertical stack of adjacent layers in the direction of wood grain. The multi-layer board is usually symmetrically disposed on the center layer or both sides of the core. The slabs which are formed by laminating the veneered veneers in the direction of wood grain are pressed under heating or no heating. The number of layers is generally odd, and a few have even numbers. The difference in physical and mechanical properties between the longitudinal and lateral directions is small. Commonly used are multi-layer boards such as plywood and plywood. Multi-layer boards can improve wood utilization and are a major way to save wood. It can also be used for aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, construction and packaging boxes.

Multi-layer boards, also known as three-ply boards and plywoods, have different layers. According to the thickness of 3-9 cm, it can also be called 3-9 PCT. Its pros and cons mainly depends on raw materials, and the price of Liu Anxin is 10-20 yuan per board. The peach core and poplar are cheaper.

The main use in the home decoration is the veneer plywood, which has already attached a very thin solid wood veneer to the three plywood in the factory. The veneer plywood is easy to use and the price is cheaper than buying a veneer for the construction team.

The length and width specifications of the multi-layer board are the same as the length and width specifications of the building formwork. Basically: 1220×2440mm, and the thickness specifications are generally: 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18mm, etc. The main tree species are: hawthorn, willow, poplar, elm and so on.Multilayer board

The multilayer board has good structural strength and good stability. It has the advantages of light material, high strength, good elasticity and toughness, impact resistance and vibration, easy processing and finishing, insulation, etc. The plywood has a large amount of glue, and it must be edge-sealed during construction to reduce pollution.

How is the multi-layer board produced?





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