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How should car painters do respiratory protection

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It is well known that coatings are chemicals and are toxic. If adequate protection measures are not taken, it is easy to harm the eyes, nose, throat and respiratory system of the human body. So, as a car painter, you need to deal with various paints every day. How to protect the safety of the respiratory tract? If you want to do a good job of respiratory protection, you need to understand two points. The first point is which of the labor insurance products can resist poison gas? The second point is where are these products generally used?

1. Respiratory protection products that can protect against poisonous gas:

There are many types of respiratory protective equipment, and among them, there are three types of respiratory equipment that can resist poisonous gas, namely, air-supply gas mask, cartridge-type gas mask and dust mask.

How should car painters do respiratory protection

2. Application occasions of different types of toxic gas protective equipment:

Air-supply gas mask: It can be divided into two types: fresh air supply and oxygen supply. The fresh air supply type is generally used in an air-circulating environment, while the oxygen supply type is used in a closed or airless space. This type The gas mask has a defensive function against gas, water vapor, dust, smoke, particles and isocyanate-containing vapor.

Cartridge-type gas mask: If the paint used does not contain isocyanate, you can use this type of respiratory protective equipment. Because this type of respiratory protective equipment itself has replaceable filter cotton and filter cartridge, it is more convenient to remove the solvent and poisonous gas in the air, and the exhaust valve is equipped with a filter to filter the inhaled air.

Dust mask: This respiratory protection product is generally used to prevent fine dust from entering the human body and causing harm to the human body, and at the same time can filter slight poisonous gas. However, when the toxic gas concentration reaches a certain level, this type of product will lose its protective effect.

How should car painters do respiratory protection

Paint spraying is a relatively dangerous industry. If adequate defense measures are not taken, it is easy to harm your health. Therefore, in addition to breathing protection, workers who are engaged in automobile paint spraying should also do physical protection and hand protection, such as wearing corresponding work clothes and labor protection gloves.





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