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How to clean the goggles and what you should pay attention to when cleaning the goggles

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Safety goggles are one of many labor insurance products, and are generally used in chemical, dusty, and paint spraying environments. Therefore, after using the goggles in these operating environments for a period of time, you will find some unclean liquid or fine impurities on the surface of the goggles. Therefore, in order to avoid affecting the normal work, we need to clean the goggles.

So, how should we clean the goggles? Also, what should we pay attention to during the cleaning process?

How to clean the goggles?

To clean the goggles, you first need to understand what you need to use to clean the goggles, and then you must master the corresponding cleaning methods:

1. What you need to use to clean your goggles:

Cleaning fluid: special cleaning fluid, glasses cleaning fluid, and clean water.

Wiping paper material: special wiping paper, soft lint-free cloth, glasses wiping cloth.

Second, the method of cleaning goggles:

How to clean the goggles and what you should pay attention to when cleaning the goggles

1. Rinse the dust and particles on the surface of the goggles with tap water, or gently wipe the surface of the goggles with the edge of a wet tissue folded in half to wipe off the dust and particles;

2. Spray a small amount of cleaning solution on both sides of the goggles lens, or spray on the unfolded wet paper towel;

3. Use a piece of lens cleaning paper or a wet paper towel sprayed with cleaning fluid, and then wipe the lens from the inside to the outside. Do not wipe the lens back and forth, just clean it.

What should be paid attention to when cleaning goggles?

1. Different types of goggles will have different coatings on their lenses. Therefore, the method of wiping will also be different. For example, when wiping the lens of the wear-resistant coating, even if it is wiped hard, there will be no problem. However, if you are wiping the anti-fog coated lens, you need to gently wipe it with professional wiping paper or a soft flannel, and you cannot wipe it hard, so as not to damage the lens coating.

2. Do not clean the goggles lenses when the lenses are dry to avoid damage to the coating, especially the lenses with anti-fog coating.

3. Wipe the lens of the goggles with related wiping tools. Do not use rough cloth, newspapers or clothes to wipe the lens. This will also cause damage to the lens coating.

4. Do not use cleaning fluid to wipe the goggles lens casually, because improper cleaning fluid will leave stains on the lens. Once stains appear on the lens, use soft tissue or cloth for cleaning.

5. If you find that the lens has been damaged to affect normal work during the cleaning of the goggles lens, please replace the lens immediately.

 How to clean the goggles and what you should pay attention to when cleaning the goggles

Safety goggles are one of the commonly used eye protection products for people, and are mostly used for work. Therefore, it is important to master the corresponding cleaning methods. Therefore, I hope the above sharing will be helpful to everyone.





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