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How to extend the service life of rubber gloves?

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In today's life and work, rubber gloves have gradually become a regular item. Whether it is cleanliness in life or for doctors in hospitals, rubber gloves are used.

However, I don't know if you have discovered that when our rubber gloves are used for a long time, the phenomenon of "corrosion" will appear.

In fact, this situation is mainly due to the oxidation reaction of rubber gloves with air, or the contact of rubber gloves with some corrosive items, such as detergents, disinfectants, etc.

So, how should we avoid this situation and extend the use time of rubber gloves?

1. It is recommended that each time you use rubber gloves, they should be cleaned to avoid corrosive liquids such as detergent or disinfectant on the gloves;

2. When rubber gloves are not used, try not to put the gloves in a ventilated place as far as possible to avoid enhancing the oxidation reaction between the gloves and the air. It is recommended to put them in a cabinet or use plastic bags

3. When buying rubber gloves, you should choose a regular labor protection gloves supplier, from which to buy a good quality, elastic rubber gloves, so that even after pulling, it will not easily deform

4. Do not place the gloves in direct sunlight, as this will greatly affect the service life of the rubber gloves.

How to extend the service life of rubber gloves?

In fact, as one of personal protective equipment, rubber gloves will play a great role in protection whether in life or work. Therefore, in order to use rubber gloves better and longer, I hope you can understand the knowledge of rubber gloves.





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