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How to identify the quality of soundproof earplugs

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In daily life, often noisy radiography affects our body health. Therefore, whenever we encounter such a situation, we need a soundproof earplug to help us get a comfortable and quiet environment. However, there are too many earplug suppliers on the market, and the soundproof earplugs produced are even more diverse. So, how should we identify the quality of these earplugs?

1. Noise reduction value

The noise reduction value of soundproof earplugs is not determined solely by density. Factors such as the material and formulation of the earplugs will affect the noise reduction value of the earplugs.

 2. Softness

For general soundproof earplugs, softness and noise resistance are inversely proportional. If the softness is good, the anti-noise function will be relatively low, and on the contrary, it will be better. The professional soundproof earplugs can have both characteristics, both softness and anti-noise performance. The comfort of the wearer is maintained without affecting the anti-noise function of the earplug.

How to identify the quality of soundproof earplugs

 3. Durability

Different soundproof earplugs have different durability. For example, some earplugs are disposable soundproof earplugs and can only be used once. For example, sleep earplugs can be reused. The more times of use, the higher the durability.

4. Appearance and shape

The appearance and shape of the soundproof earplugs fit the user's ears. The higher the quality of the earplugs, the more they fit the ears, and they are particularly comfortable to wear, and will not affect the sound insulation effect, and will not cause discomfort symptoms.

 5. Safety index

Qualified soundproof earplugs have the following safety indicators: tested by relevant security agencies, sold by regular earplug suppliers, and have strong resistance to bacteria and germs.

How to identify the quality of soundproof earplugs

 6. Slow rebound speed

In fact, it only determines whether the earplug is easy to wear into the ear. This indicator is aimed at customers who use anti-noise earplugs for the first time. People who use anti-noise earplugs for a long time are generally more familiar with the way of wearing, and the slow rebound speed generally does not affect their wearing.

 In fact, in addition to soundproof earplugs, noise-proof earmuffs and electronic noise-proof earmuffs are also good noise-proof products, but the positioning and use environment of these products are different, and we need to choose soundproofing products according to related needs. Of course, it is best to purchase genuine sound insulation products from regular labor insurance product suppliers.





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