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How to repair damaged rubber gloves?

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In many operating environments, labor protection equipment is used to ensure the safety of workers. Rubber gloves are generally used to protect the user's hands and avoid injury to the hands. However, sometimes, due to some inadvertent operations, the rubber gloves are slightly damaged. If it is not used in the occasion of some chemically hazardous products, it can be repaired properly to extend the service life of rubber gloves. So, how should we repair damaged rubber gloves?

First, the following materials need to be prepared: isopropyl alcohol (alcohol), cotton swabs, and flexible waterproof rubber repair compound (rubber adhesive), etc.

How to repair damaged rubber gloves?

Repair steps:

1. Turn over the damaged rubber gloves first, and then find out the damaged position of the gloves in a bright place;

2. Use alcohol to wipe the damaged position of the gloves. It is best to wipe the half-inch positions around the damaged area, and then wait 5 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate;

3. Apply the rubber repair compound evenly and completely to the damaged area of the glove, and wait for the adhesive to cure completely;

4. Reverse the glove, and then repeat the above steps to repair the damaged part on the other side;

5. Blow air into the repaired rubber gloves, then tighten the mouth of the bowl by hand to keep the air. Then put the gloves in water and soak for 30 seconds to see if there is any air leakage.

It is recommended to wear a gas mask when handling adhesive products to avoid inhaling toxic and harmful gases. The above is the steps to repair rubber gloves, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.





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