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Imported Material Silver-plated Fiber Conductive Electrostatic Rope Metal Rope

Type: Silver-plated conductive rope
Product Name: Silver-plated fiber braided rope
Scope of application: industrial
Main raw material: silver-plated fiber
color: gray


Silver-plated fiber braided rope


1. The anti-static conductive rope has strong conductivity.

2. Unique performance: The conductive rope is made of electrostatic sub-conductor materials according to the requirements of 4.1.2 in the GB12158-90 standard and JT / T407-1999, which can instantaneously lead the static electricity to the uncharged, if When electrostatic discharge occurs, the discharge pulse current can be effectively limited to less than 5mA. The discharge spark is very small, which is not enough to ignite the explosive gas mixed with combustible gas and air to achieve the purpose of conductive explosion-proof.

3. Eliminate static electricity. The curtain is easy to install, cheap, and conductive. Anti-static door curtains are made of static electricity guide ropes, which are fixed one by one and hanged at the doorway with a spacing of 5mm.Persons guide the static electricity through the conductive ropes when entering and exiting the door, thereby eliminating static electricity and achieving good anti-static effects . It is widely used in electronic factories, explosive depots, oil depots, coal mines, and areas particularly sensitive to static electricity.






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