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Is mineral wool sound-absorbing panel suspended?

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1. Brief introduction of mineral wool sound-absorbing board

The mineral wool sound-absorbing board has superior performances such as sound absorption, non-combustibility, heat insulation and decoration. It is an indoor ceiling decoration material that combines the advantages of public ceiling materials. It is widely used in various indoor ceiling decoration and wall decoration; such as hotels, Restaurants, theaters, shopping malls, office spaces, studios, studios, computer rooms and industrial buildings. This product can control and adjust the reverberation time, can effectively improve the indoor sound quality, reduce noise, and improve the living environment and working conditions. At the same time, the product is non-combustible and can fully meet building fire protection requirements.

Second, the shape of mineral wool sound-absorbing board

The surface treatment of mineral wool sound absorption board is rich, and the board has a strong decorative effect. The surface treated knurled mineral wool board, commonly known as "caterpillar", is covered with holes with different depths, shapes and pore diameters. The other type of "Gypsophila" has different surface apertures.

The three-dimensional mineral wool board after milling and forming, the surface is made into small and large squares, different widths and narrow stripes. There is also an embossed mineral wool board, which is formed by compression molding, and the surface pattern is exquisite, with center flower, cross flower, walnut pattern and other shapes, which is a good decorative ceiling profile.

Is mineral wool sound-absorbing panel suspended?

3. The price of mineral wool sound-absorbing panel ceiling

It is usually 5cm keel (wood or light steel can be used). The empty space in the middle of the keel is filled with 5cm thick, 1.3kg/m2 gradient sound-absorbing cotton, and the outer gypsum board is sealed. General households can meet the requirements by using 5cm high-efficiency sound-absorbing cotton. Adding gypsum board can usually remove 20-30 decibel noise. If special requirements are required, two layers of 5cm thick gradient sound-absorbing cotton can be used. Gypsum board is usually added Can cut off the noise of 30-40 dB.

The reference price of the ceiling of mineral wool sound-absorbing board: if the dragon fracture is square meters, it is 10-20 yuan, the gradient sound-absorbing cotton 5cm is 80 yuan/square meter, and the gypsum board is also 10-20 yuan/square meter. The exact amount of money will be calculated according to the area.





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