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Italian High-top Protective Rain Boots

Function Piercing Damage
Material pvc + steel head steel bottom
Upper style
Scope of application: Agriculture, chemical, petroleum, aquatic food, metallurgy and construction
Special service color configuration switch
Series Frosted
Is it anti-static
Baotou material
Is there a vent hole


Non-slip, wear-resistant, oil- and acid-resistant, easy to dry inside, comfortable to wear

Excellent PVC material

The upper is made of excellent PVC, the leather is soft and comfortable, and it is waterproof and oil-resistant.

Seamless anti-break

The sole upper adopts a high-temperature one-shot injection process, and the reinforcement process is integrally formed, seamlessly leaking and preventing breakage.

Non-slip wear-resistant shoes

The sole is made of shock-absorbing plastic outsole, which has good elasticity, softness and no loss of strength, and has a clear texture design.

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