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Labor protection supplies knowledge: cognitive misunderstandings when purchasing flame retardant clothing

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Labor insurance supplies are increasingly used in life and work. However, although people are using labor insurance products, there are still many misunderstandings about these products. Therefore, today Guangzhou Yangyue will take flame retardant clothing as an example to share some common misunderstandings. I hope it will help you.

1. Is the product that meets national standards the "best" labor insurance product?

This point should be a misunderstanding existed by most users. In most people's concept, only the products that meet the relevant national standards are the "best" products.

Actually, it is not. According to Yangyue Security's understanding, compliance with relevant national safety standards is only an entry requirement for labor insurance products. Although legal effectiveness is the highest, technical requirements are the lowest.

For these supplies that will involve personal safety, the national safety standards are a bottom line and must be enforced. Therefore, when buying combustion-supporting clothing, people should not only pay attention to whether the flame-retardant clothing meets national safety standards, but also increase or improve individual technical indicators, such as increasing anti-static indicators and anti-chemical indicators.

So I hope you will keep in mind that products that meet national safety standards are only products that meet the standards. Only products that meet the actual needs of users are the "best" products.

2. Low purchase cost equals low use cost?

Controlling procurement costs is believed to be something every company will do. However, if in order to reduce procurement costs and thereby reduce the quality requirements of labor insurance products, then the purchased labor insurance products still meet the needs of enterprises?

In fact, this is a misunderstanding that many companies will encounter. As long as the procurement cost is reduced, the cost of the entire production process will be reduced.

However, this is not the case. If you reduce the purchasing cost, choose some poor quality labor insurance products. Not to mention the effectiveness of protection, in terms of service life, it will be shorter than regular quality products.

Such as flame retardant clothing, if the quality of the flame retardant clothing purchased is not good enough, as long as the water is washed several times, the flame retardant performance will be reduced. In this case, the company will be faced with a choice, whether to repurchase or risk continue to use. If you buy again, the cost will be higher than the original purchase.

Labor protection supplies knowledge: cognitive misunderstandings when purchasing flame retardant clothing

3. Only look at the fabric, not the accessories?

When buying flame retardant clothing, some buyers only care about the fabric of flame retardant clothing, and ignore the material characteristics and requirements of clothing accessories. However, it is precisely because of these neglected details that led to secondary injuries.

In fact, in the national safety regulations, there are clear requirements for the accessories of the flame retardant clothing. The accessories that are exposed to the surface of the clothing in the flame retardant clothing need to be made of flame-retardant and non-melting materials to avoid the fire and high temperature. The operator caused secondary burns, scalds, etc.

Common flame-retardant clothing accessories are: sewing thread, zipper, fasteners and so on.

Fourth, flame retardant clothing is a kind of clothing that is not afraid of fire?

In fact, this is a serious cognitive misunderstanding. Be aware that flame retardant clothing is only a passive protective equipment. It is a protective product that allows workers to quickly escape danger when a fire occurs, not an active rescue equipment. Therefore, don't think that flame retardant clothing is not afraid of being burned.

Professional fire-fighting protective clothing has stricter requirements on performance and structure. It is often a multi-layer structure that can withstand more heat erosion and protect operators from thermal damage. It must be worn by professionally trained firefighters. There will be a very high risk of personnel wearing ordinary flame-retardant protective clothing for fire rescue operations.

Labor protection supplies knowledge: cognitive misunderstandings when purchasing flame retardant clothing

The above points are the most common misunderstandings when purchasing flame retardant clothing. I hope to share it today, it will be helpful for everyone to choose flame retardant clothing. However, I also hope that everyone understands that in addition to the misunderstandings when purchasing flame retardant clothing, there are also many misunderstandings when purchasing other labor protection products or rescue products. Therefore, I hope that everyone can have a general understanding and understanding of the product before purchasing it, so that it is more conducive to everyone to choose the right product.





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