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Latex Insulated Gloves for Live Working

Type: Non-disposable
Working voltage: 10 (V)
Name: Insulated gloves for live working
Scope of application: power system operations
Main uses: construction, maintenance, exploration, lifting, installation, metal welding, assembly of bridges, coal mine construction


Insulated gloves are labor protection products, which play the role of protecting hands or human body. They are made of rubber, latex, plastic and other materials, and have the functions of electricity protection, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance and oil resistance. Suitable for power industry, automobile and machinery maintenance, chemical industry, precision installation. Each material has different characteristics, according to the type of chemicals in contact with the gloves, it has a special purpose. Insulated gloves for live working are an important part of insulation protection in personal protective equipment. With the development of the power industry and the popularization of live working technology, stricter requirements have been put on the safety of the use of insulated gloves for live working.

Latex Insulated Gloves





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