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Low Temperature Protective Hood, Gas Station Anti-liquid Nitrogen Mask

Type: Low-temperature hood
Material: Composite material
Shelf life: 30 months
Hat lining type: cotton lining
Executive standard: CE certification
Applicable scenarios: Liquid nitrogen operation, cryogenic grinding, dry ice operation, LNG operation, laboratory
Function: Anti-low temperature, warm, cold, anti-freeze


1. The inner layer material has high thermal insulation, so that it can take away the moisture through capillary action;

2. Wear multi-layer insulated gloves, comfortable to wear and very warm;

3. Very light, soft, durable, clean, suitable for machine washing or dry cleaning, extremely flexible, and will not feel heavy when worn;

4. Wearing a liquid nitrogen low-temperature protective mask can directly protect the nitrogen obtained from liquid nitrogen containers such as liquid nitrogen dewars and liquid nitrogen tanks;

5. It is widely used in the world, suitable for low temperature gas, low temperature refrigeration, dry ice, cold room, etc .;

6. It is used in biomedicine, laboratory research, industry, aerospace, frozen food processing and any other places where extreme cold is prevented.

7. Anti-liquid nitrogen low-temperature protective caps cannot be immersed in low-temperature liquids, even if industrial-quality anti-liquid nitrogen low-temperature protective masks have limited wear resistance.

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