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Matters needing attention in custom women's work clothes

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At work, wearing work clothes has gradually become the norm. Therefore, everyone has a certain understanding of work clothes. Generally speaking, work clothes are divided into male and female models in addition to their functions. Therefore, today Linyin Building Materials Network will briefly explain to you what should be paid attention to when customizing women's work clothes.Labor insurance work clothes

1. The naturalness and coordination of the tone

In a collective work environment, there are generally very few work clothes with too bright colors, and more colors are black, white, gray, beige, navy blue, navy blue, camel, dark yellow, dark red, brown, etc. And in the spring and winter, in order to keep warm, more will choose a darker color, while in summer and autumn, the color will be lighter. However, more often use black, white and gray as the main color of daily work clothes.

It is recommended to adjust the matching index of work clothes reasonably, try to avoid collision with other "embellishment colors", to ensure proper premise, and make the atmosphere more joyful.

Matters needing attention in custom women's work clothes

Two, the style should be simple and generous

Generally speaking, women's work clothes should minimize tight and complicated design concepts, and try to adopt decent and slightly loose tailoring.

It is recommended to adjust the collar type, sleeve length, position of pockets and buttons, styles, patterns and materials of shirts, etc. of work clothes to ensure that work clothes are both decent and beautiful.

For many companies, unified work clothes can not only improve team cohesion, but also make the company more beautiful. Therefore, it is recommended to find a suitable work clothes customizer and customize a suitable work clothes.





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