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Medical nuclear radiation protection is wearing long-sleeved lead gel coat

Function: radiation protection
Whether Siamese: Siamese
Material: Lead rubber
Weight: 6500 (g)
Scope of use: hospitals, factories, scientific research institutions (radiation protection)


1) The most ultra-light, ultra-thin, and ultra-soft protective material in the world today; compared with similar imported lead clothing, it can reduce the relative weight by 25 to 30 percent.

2) Excellent protection performance, the lead distribution is very uniform, and the lead equivalent will not be attenuated under normal use; a full range of lead equivalent of 0.35 / 0.5mmPb is provided;

Protect your investment to the greatest extent

3) New structural design, made of multiple layers of materials, plus professional humanized structural design, make you feel more comfortable to wear

4) Precise manufacturing process, exquisite workmanship, meticulous, durable, so you can rest assured

5) Novel styles, complete varieties, and rich sizes, tailor-made for you; dozens of styles and rich colors are available.






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