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Moisture-proof High Wear-resistant Wood Grain Bamboo Floor

Style: European modern
Scope of application: living room, bedroom, corridor
Special uses: moisture-proof, high wear resistance
Standard: E1
Surface shape: relief embossing
Floor thickness: 17mm
Specifications: 1020x130x17mm


Bamboo flooring is a kind of high-grade decoration material used in residences, hotels and offices, etc. It is mainly used to decorate the ground. The main production material of bamboo flooring is bamboo, which is made of adhesive and applied with high temperature and high pressure. After removing the sugar, fat, starch fat, protein and other special harmless treatment, the bamboo has super anti-insect function. The floor is non-toxic, firm and stable, without glue or deformation.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring products

Applicable place

Bamboo flooring is a kind of decorative material with higher grade and higher taste. It is widely used in the decoration of homes, offices, hotels and some entertainment and sports venues, and is deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad. In theory, bamboo flooring can be used in all indoor places with good ventilation and dryness and easy maintenance. This suitable place covers all kinds of regions with different climatic characteristics in the country, including the high-temperature and high-humid areas in the southeast coast. Therefore, domestic users can use it with confidence. It is especially suitable for floor pavement for geothermal heating.


Specifically, bamboo flooring is a more suitable site:

1. Home decoration: This is the main part of bamboo flooring that is commonly used, especially bedrooms, study rooms, gyms, Japanese-style rooms, etc.

2. Advanced office buildings, including offices, meeting rooms, reception rooms, product showrooms, etc.

3. Hotels, hotels: including hotel suites, health centers, entertainment centers, conference centers, etc.

4. High-end commercial buildings: including business halls, specialty counters, etc.


Bamboo floor real shot

Bamboo flooring can also be used for wall decoration. The places where bamboo flooring is generally not suitable are: the ground floor and basement of buildings with poor moisture-proof treatment, the ground often exposed to water, large indoor public places, public passages, etc.





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