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Oil-resistant Anti-skid And Anti-cut Latex Coated Gloves

Material: Latex
Length: 25cm
Weight: 80g
Type: Non-disposable
Scope of use: construction site, glass factory, oil drilling, hardware machining
Color: yellow yarn green glue, yellow yarn red glue, gray yarn blue glue


Latex Coated Gloves

Latex gloves are suitable for automobile manufacturing, battery manufacturing; glass fiber reinforced plastics industry, aircraft assembly; aerospace industry; environmental cleaning and cleaning. Latex gloves have abrasion resistance, puncture resistance; acid and alkali resistance, grease, fuel and many solvents; have a wide range of chemical resistance, good oil resistance; passed FDA certification. The characteristics of latex gloves have a unique fingertip texture design, which greatly enhances the grip and effectively prevents slippage; the patented design without palmprints, evenly penetrates the glue, enhances protection; the unique hand design, cotton lining, improves comfort.





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