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PE Hot Melt Flange Pe Pipe Fittings

Material PE
No. 011
Origin Shandong
Type Horizontal
Connection method Soldering
Model 011




1. High strength, excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking, and good creep resistance;

2. Good toughness and flexibility, strong adaptability to uneven foundation and misalignment, and can withstand harsh environments such as earthquakes and typhoons;

3. Has good weather resistance (including UV resistance) and long-term thermal stability;

4. Corrosion resistance, no anti-corrosion treatment, long service life;

5. The inner wall is smooth, the flow resistance is small, the circulation capacity is large, and the construction cost is saved;

6. Good wear resistance and wear resistance;

7. Good resistance to low-temperature impact, can be safely used in the temperature range of -20 ~ 40 ℃, winter construction is not affected;

8. The electric melting (or hot melting) connection is convenient and reliable, and the construction and maintenance are simple (there is no need to stop water during this period);

9. Polyethylene raw materials contain two elements, carbon and hydrogen, which are harmless to human body. It is a green, healthy and environmental protection drinking water pipeline.

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