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PE Pipe Fitting Elbow 90 Degree Butt Fusion Elbow for Water Supply

Material: PE
Tube thickness: 22 (mm)
Place of Origin: Zhuji, Zhejiang
Weight: 1 (kg)
Executive Standard: National Standard
Wall thickness: 22
Grade: First class
Special function: Corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, good elasticity
Diameter: 110


Reliable and reliable

Temperature and corrosion resistance, will not cause water pollution, reliable and reliable

Excellent craftsmanship

The interface is neat, no damage, smooth surface and inner wall, continuous use without worrying about scale clogging water pipe

Complete specifications

Easy installation and reliable joints, various specifications of joints meet different needs

Excellent material

Use excellent materials with good toughness and long service life

Socket 90 degree elbow displaySocket 90 degree elbow





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