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PP Safety Helmet Breathable Woven Lining Knob Construction

Type compression helmet
Hat lining type 8-point fabric
Ventilation holes
Executive standard EN397
Applicable scenarios Urban construction factories, mines and other industries that are dangerous to the head
Function Head Protection
Color white, yellow, red, blue, orange


The helmet can absorb the energy released by the impact. At this time, the hat will cause partial damage or damage to the shell and the liner. Even if such damage cannot be found immediately, it is recommended to replace the helmet that has been severely impacted. In order to ensure adequate protection performance, the helmet should be adjusted to fit the head size. Please note that in addition to the parts recommended and changed by the helmet manufacturer, any changes or removal of any original parts may cause danger. The helmet should not be accompanied by any accessories not recommended by the manufacturer of the helmet. It is prohibited to use paints, solvents, adhesives, or labels that are not recommended by the manufacturer on the helmet. To ensure effective protection, the visor should be forward (straight).

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