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PPR pipe hot melt water pipe

Origin Zhejiang
Product Name
Manufacturer (Origin) Zhejiang
Article number 001
Nominal outer diameter 20 (mm)
Purpose Water pipe
Wall thickness 2.8 (mm)
Length 4 (m)
Product specifications 20 * 2.3 (outer diameter * wall thickness) cold water, 20 * 2.8 cold and hot


1. Sanitation, health and environmental protection. Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material and can be used for drinking water delivery.

2. The joints are connected by hot-melt to form a whole, and there is no leakage 100%. Other materials are connected by a wire port, which has poor impermeability and avoids the toxicity of glue bonding.

3. Small conveyance resistance. PPR water pipe

4. The price is cheap and moderate.

5. Long service life, can be used for 50 years when produced and used according to national standard GB / T18742.

PPR is the abbreviation of type III polypropylene. It adopts hot-melt welding, has special welding and cutting tools, and has high reliability. The price is also very economical. The insulation performance is also very good, and the tube wall is also very smooth! The general price is 4-8 yuan per meter (4 points). Does not include internal and external wire joints.

PPR pipe is officially called random copolymer polypropylene pipe, which is the most widely used water supply pipe in home improvement projects.

PPR pipe hot melt water pipe factory

PPR pipe hot melt water pipe

 hot melt water pipe

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