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Process flow of paper gypsum board production line

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Modified starch, retarder, pulp, water reducer, and water are quantitatively measured, put into a hydraulic pulper and stirred into raw material slurry, and then pumped into the slurry storage tank for standby. The foaming agent and water are put into the foaming agent preparation tank in proportion and stirred evenly, and pumped into the foaming agent storage tank (with a heating device to maintain above 35 ℃) for standby. The coagulant and gypsum powder raw materials enter the silo for standby through the lifting and conveying equipment;Gypsum board


The slurry in the slurry storage tank is pumped into the mixer using a metering pump, the foaming agent is foamed using a dynamic foaming device, and then enters the mixer, and the accelerator and gypsum powder are weighed using an automatic metering belt. The auxiliary materials are mixed into a qualified gypsum slurry in a mixer.


All the main and auxiliary materials are included in the automatic control system, which automatically adjusts with the speed of the production line to meet the requirements of large-scale and high speed.

Process flow of paper gypsum board production line





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