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Reflective Vest Multi-bag Construction Site Building

Fabric material: 120g knitted fabric
Reflective material: highlight
Type: Safety vest


01) High-strength plastic buckle: using high-strength plastic buckle, not only lightweight but also durable, can hang all kinds of small objects, beautiful and practical.

02) Reflective details: After professional designers keep improving, the size and position of the reflective strips are designed without affecting the overall beauty and function, which not only highlights the reflection, but is also durable and waterproof, and protects safety in all directions.

03) Zipper details: We have been making progress with you from the beginning of the button to the current metal zipper. After high-strength testing, it is smoother, durable and practical.

04) Multiple adjustable belts: the left and right triple adjustment belts adjust the size, which is suitable for a wider crowd and makes the clothes more tight and close to the body.

05) Newly upgraded Velcro: Our Velcro has a long-term bonding, long life and strong bonding, supporting in place.






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