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Safety technical specification for construction of laminated slab

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Safety technical specification for construction of laminated slab

The building laminate is covered with a film on the building template substrate. It is made of high-gloss film or phantom film, and the surface is coated with professional adhesive. The coated sheet is bright and lustrous, and can be selected for a wide variety of colors, waterproof, fireproof, excellent durability (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and anti-staining ability, and excellent UV protection performance.

Safety technical specification for construction of laminated slab

1.The supporting mould site on the ground must be leveled and sturdy, and at the same time eliminate the unsafe factors on the site.

2. Before the operation, carefully check whether the components such as the laminating board and the support meet the requirements, whether the laminating board is rusted or deformed, and whether the laminating board and the supporting material are qualified.

3, installation and removal of the 2m or more of the film, should be scaffolding, and set up protective railings to prevent the upper and lower sides of the same vertical operation. A laminated board with a height of more than 3M shall be provided, and a diagonal support shall be provided around it, and a console shall be set up. If the column mold is above 6m, several column molds should be connected together.

4. Before working, check whether the tools used are firm. Tools such as wrenches must be hung on the body with ropes. The nails must be placed in the tool bag to drop the injured. Concentrate on your work to prevent nails from slipping and falling in the air.Building laminate

5, the operator must climb the pedestrian stair when climbing. It is strictly forbidden to use the laminating board to support the climbing up and down. It is not allowed to walk on the narrow, unprotected laminating surface of the beam, column top, independent beam and other high places.

6. Do not stack the batch of laminated sheets, materials and sundries on the scaffolding.

7. When two people carry the laminating board, they must cooperate with each other and work together. Transfer the laminating board, tool application transport or rope to securely lift and lift, and do not throw it. When the combined laminating board is assembled and disassembled, there should be someone in the upper and lower parts. Who should install and dismantle the laminating board and accessories, it is strictly forbidden to throw from a high place. When demolishing the mold at high altitude, there should be special person command and supervision, and the working area should be marked below, and the red and white flag should be used to fence and suspend the personnel.

Safety technical specification for construction of laminated slab





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