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Self-dimming Welding Mask

Style: Head-mounted
Product Material: Engineering Plastic
Product color: black
Product function: protection against solid particles, liquid impact damage, pollution of eyes and face


High temperature resistance

Details display

Solar lithium battery

The product is equipped with a solar lithium battery panel, which is automatically charged during welding and has a long service life.

Internal button

Adjustable sensitivity and dimming speed, the parameters have been adjusted at the factory, in view of actual operation, please check whether the dimming screen is suitable before use (left sensitivity adjustment button, right dimming speed adjustment button)

Automatic filter welding lens

German filter welding lens adopts German photoelectric technology. When the welding machine produces a strong dazzling arc, the electric induction probe on the screen will automatically sense the light, real-time adjustment to protect the eyes, and the grinding mode can be adjusted according to the working situation

Adjustment button

Gear adjustment knob, can easily adjust the tightness, adjust the comfortable tightness of the head according to the size of the head

Sweat sponge forehead

Thickened sweat-absorbent sponge, protect the forehead from being tight, non-slip and wear-resistant, comfortable to wear

Self-dimming welding mask real shot

Self-dimming welding mask real photo

Self-dimming welding mask pictures

Self-dimming welding mask products

Self-dimming welding mask details show

Self-dimming welding mask details

The role of welding mask

1. Eye protection: Double filtering to avoid the harmful radiation of ultraviolet rays and infrared rays generated by the arc, as well as the damage caused by the strong welding light to the eyes, and prevent the occurrence of electro-optic ophthalmia.

2. Face protection: Effectively prevent the splashes and harmful bodies from the work from invading the face and reduce the incidence of skin burns.

3. Respiratory protection: air flow guidance, effectively reduce the harmful gases and dust released by welding to the body, prevent pneumoconiosis occupational diseases

Scope of self-dimming welding mask

Applicable scene

It is suitable for welding places, factory forging work, polishing and cutting work, etc.





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