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Socket Straight Through

material: plastic
Origin Shanxi
Model Hot melt socket external wire straight
Wall thickness 4mm
Class A
Diameter 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63
Weight 0.8 (kg)
Executive Standard CJ / T 250-2007


Hot melt socket pipe fittings are a kind of commonly used hot melt welded pipe fittings for small diameter pipes.

Commonly used types are: tee, elbow, straight, blocking cap, flange root

Commonly used for screw connection: inner wire straight through, outer wire straight through, inner wire tee, outer wire tee, inner wire union, outer wire union, inner wire elbow, outer wire elbow

The specifications are generally 20 (4 points), medium 25 (6 points), medium 32 (1 inch), medium 40 (1.2 inch), medium 50 (1.5 inch), 63 (2 inch)

Some pipe fittings are: 75 (2.5 inch), 90 (3 inch), medium 110 (4 inch)

Recommended use pressure: within 0.6Mpa (6 kg pressure), the actual use pressure within 0.8Mpa (8 kg pressure) has no problems

Socket straight through detailSocket straight through





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