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Speed difference type electrician safety belt

Model: Single insurance electrician safety belt, double insurance electrician safety belt
Size: can be customized
Carrying capacity: 100kg
Seat belt type: electrician seat belt
Seat belt material: polyester
Safety rope material: nylon
Safety rope length: 2 meters
Function: Security protection
Scope of use: building aerial work


1. The life span of seat belts is generally 3 ~ 5 years. If abnormalities are found, they should be scrapped in advance.

2. The waist belt, safety belt and rope of the safety belt should have sufficient mechanical strength, the material should have wear resistance, and the snap ring (hook) should have a safety device. Buffers should be added for safety belts and ropes with a length of more than 3 meters.

3. A visual inspection should be conducted before using the seat belt.

4. The seat belt should be tied to a solid object, and it is forbidden to hang on a moving or unsteady object. Must not be tied to sharp corners. The safety belt should be hung high and tied in parallel.

5. When working on the tower, the safety belt backup protection rope should be tied to a safe and firm member (live work depends on its specific task to decide whether to tie the backup safety rope), and the backup protection must not be lost.

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