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Steel Wood Fireproof Heat Insulation Door

Product category: complete door
Switch type: manual
Production process: casting
Scope of use: living room


Wood fire doors refer to doors made of wood or wood products, door frames, door panels, and doors with fire resistance rating up to the "GB50045-95 Fire Protection Code for Design of High-rise Civil Buildings"


Fire doors are one of the fire separation facilities of buildings. They are usually used on firewalls, entrances and exits of stairwells, or openings of pipe shafts, which play an important role in reducing fire losses.


The fire doors are designated as Class A, B, and C in the fire protection specifications for high-rise civil buildings, and the fire resistance limits are specified. The Class A door is not less than 1.5 hours, and the Class B door is not less than 1 hour, Class C The door should not be less than 0.5 hours.


Wooden fire doors are divided into two series of full board and half glass and various specifications of single and double fans.


Fireproof board type

Standard sizes

The size and structure size of the wooden fire door shall comply with the provisions of GB 5824 "Building Door and Window Hole Size Series". Fireproof wooden door is a plywood craft door. The best wood material is coniferous tree. Plywood generally uses urea-formaldehyde resin five plywood. Its appearance is similar to ordinary plywood craft door, but the requirements of fireproof wooden door are higher.


It is very important to control the moisture content of the wood (including plywood) used for fireproof wooden doors. It can keep the door with a proper gap, operate normally and not crack. At the same time, the wood needs to be fire-retardant treated before it can be used.


Core-filling materials play a decisive role in the fire resistance of fireproof wooden doors. They should have the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, small volume and good processing performance, and help to improve the fire resistance of the door = reduce the weight of the door, eliminate or reduce the initial wood door Deformation (corners, warpage). The fire-resistant wooden door made of 32VL flame-retardant material has a fire resistance time of 68 min

Fireproof panel door





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