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Take you to the latest building boards

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Take you to the latest building boards

The category of plank material a:Density plank

The density plank also becomes masonite, it the fiber or other plant fibers make wood quality raw material, plus the resin of Mao Quan or other the gum applying glue the artificial plank material that makes into.It is divided into high definition plank, medium the density plank is with low density plank.

Plank material specification:The normal regulations specification is a 1220 mms*2440 mms*2 mms~30 mms, the special specification needs to be made to order.

The category of plank material two:Big Xin plank

Be called thin carpenter plank inside the profession, it is pressed by sticky two slices of single plank middles to put together to connect but become of, big Xin knothole the price have to be cheap than the thin Xin plank, anti- curved press strength bad, but horizontal anti- curved press strength higher.

Take you to the latest building boards

Plank material specification:2440 mms*1220 mms, press the thickness generally is 3, 5, 9 Li rices for cent.

The category of plank material three:Shaving board

The shaving board is to use a timber ground anticipate for the lord of raw material, joined glue, the additive inhibitted but became of thin type plank material, is divided into to squeeze a shaving board, even press shaving board two major types.

Plank material specification:1220 mms*2440 mm special thickness is 25-45 mms

The category of plank material four:Melamine plank

It is a melamine to immerse the Zi gum film paper decoration noodles artificial plank.It is the paper that will take to have different color or veins to put into melamine resin the gum glue to match to soak in, then dry arrive definitely solid turn degree, spreads it to pack in the shaving board, in density masonite or hard quality masonite surface, through press heat but become of adornment plank.

Plank material specification:2440mm*1220mm

The category of plank material five:Gypsum plank

Take you to the latest building boards

Gypsum plank is regard gypsum as principle raw material three go into additive and fiber make into, it heat insulation, absorb a voice also light and non-combustible.The gypsum plank constituted the material of gypsum plank smallpox while combining with light steel main beam of boat, it still had the paper noodles gypsum plank, hollow gypsum plank at the same time and made use of gypsum plank to do to cut off of be partial to much, mourn more being partial to of crest little.

Plank material specification:2400*1200*9.5~12, 3000*1200*9.5~12, 2440*1220*9.5~12, 1800*1200*9.5(unit:mm)

The category of plank material six:The gum matches plank

Go inside be so called thin Xin plank, from 3 F or several 1 mms the thick single plank or lamella gum stick heat to inhibit.It is a handicraft to create the inest common use material in the furniture currently.

Plank material specification:3 mms, 5 mms, 9 mms and 12 mms, 15 mms and 18 mms 6 kind

The category of plank material seven:Decorate front-panel

Decorating the front-panel is to plane solid wooden board nicety to cut into 0.2 millimeters of thickness or so meager barks, take clipboard as a base material and has been glued a craft creation but become of have the adornment plank of one side adornment function material.

Take you to the latest building boards

Plank material specification:Thickness is 3 mms

The category of plank material eight:Prevent fire plank

Adopt Huo quality the material or calcium quality material is a main raw material, and the fiber material, light quality orthopedics of certain proportion, sticky match and chemistry additive to mix, through steam to press a technique but become of adornment plank material.

Plank material specification:The thickness is generally a 0.8 mms, 1 mm and 1.2 mms

Currently most the plank material of environmental protection:Huo sour calcium plank

The Huo sour calcium plank is invented by the United States' OCFG company, a kind of the function overall Zhao is called to a life time of new building plank material, 70's in 20th century since at flourishing the nation expands use and development to get up.Europe and America, Japan, Australia and Taiwan are to use Huo sour calcium plank most universal nation and region, the our country develops success at the beginning of 80's and gets into to develop a stage in mid 80's, 90's behind expect to get to be big area expansion application.After more than 30 years of application, have already proven to is the new building material of enduring credibility.The Huo sour calcium plank is a kind of the material(the main composition is CaO, like lime, carbide mire, and cement...etc.) is from the Huo quality material(the main composition is a SiO2, like the quartz powder, powder ash from stove and Huo Zao soil etc.), calcium quality, strengthen a fiber(the wood quality paper fiber, paper fiber and Huo ash stone, and cotton Xian...etc.) and help an etc. according to the certain proportion match, through copy to take or the mold press, steam to press to protect to etc. work preface to make into of a kind of new of have no machine building material.The Huo sour calcium plank has good product function:(1)The Huo sour calcium plank has no harmful fiber and dust to fly to spread, also have no harmful radiation(actually measure index sign and be apart from surroundings building 20 meter outside turf-grass value equal), therefore can extensively used for various building in, is a kind of new economy energy environmental protection type building material.(2)Because the Huo quality, calcium quality material responds under the condition of heat high pressure born give Bo(TOBER-MORITE) of Mo Lai Shi's crystal, its function is more stable.Past the Huo that take this kind of crystal as main composition the sour calcium plank have watertightness, defend tide, durable and transform to lead low, heat insulation etc. characteristics, particularly suit to used to wall plank in the separating of building inner part and mourn a crest, the fire prevention of other engineerings insulates heat material.(3)Good fire prevention function:The Huo sour calcium plank is a non-combustible A1 class material.Huo sour calcium plank in order to have no machine material, main composition all oneself have incombustibility, can't produce smoke spirit and poisonous gas as well as burst, general Huo sour calcium plank at is reached to by hot temperature above 1000 ℃ , time of combustion is big during an hour, the wall body can't break.(4)Good waterproof function:The Huo sour calcium plank contains really fine waterproof function, in the toilet, the place of high degree of humidities like bathroom,etc, can still keep the stability of function, can't inflate or transform.(5)Insulating heat is soundproof:The Huo sour calcium knothole transmits heat coefficient very low, there is good heat insulation heat preservation function, soundproof, the heat insulation effect is the best, Huo sour calcium plank and light steel main beam of boat with fill material to combine an use, 107 millimeters of thick wall bodies are 1800 millimeters of equal to thick brick wall of soundproof, heat insulation and heat preservation effect, can consumedly increase building use area.(6)Strength Gao:Huo sour calcium knothole strength Gao, the strength of the 6 mm plank material consumedly over 9.5 mm thick plain paper noodles gypsum plank.Have better anti- to fold strength, bolt to pull out a dint, perpendicular anti- to pull strength and anti- to pound at sex, not easily damaged break.(7)Starting construction is simple and fast:The Huo sour calcium plank wall body installs for in the world widespreadly adopt of dry operation method, start construction simple and easy to install, the Huo sour calcium plank can drill, can nail, can plane and can at will incise, can at will create various building structure and arbitrarily install doors and windows and various put to hang a piece, and can do a method homework, be free from season, weather of influence, make into of wall body with mourn a surface can also carry on various adornment, if spray to decorate a coating, paint, glue to stick wallpaper, wall cloth, and ceramic tile...etc..(8)The service life is long:Huo sour calcium knothole the function is stable, acid-proof alkali, don't easily decay, can't encounter damages, such as dampness and insect ant...etc., either, can promise to have super long service life.(separate wall smallpox for more than 30 years, absorb sound smallpox and absorb sound plank for more than 15 years)Huo sour calcium plank with lend good product function, outstanding sex price to compare, the long-term examination of process market, have already got profession the customer's widespreadly great fame.The product is abroad, especially the United States, Japan and Korea and Indonesia and Singapore etc. Southeast Asia region sells to measure very greatly.There has been the businessman of above-mentioned nation importing sour calcium plank of Huo from the our country currently, especially the dosage indentations of Japan, Korea are bigger.Some Taiwanese business people are a great deal of exit after making use of a local production line to stick card production.In the domestic, particularly southern region, the design, construction and construction unit be widespreadly optimistic about Huo sour calcium plank, in addition to Huo the sour calcium plank in great quantities used to mourn a crest and separate a wall, already start extending to apply to compound outside wall etc..

Take you to the latest building boards





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