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Tear-resistant Alkali-free Glass Fiber Cloth

Product name: glass fiber cloth
Product model: 106, 1067
Material: glass fiber
Specification: 1270MM
Thickness: 0.03 / 0.035
color: White
Ingredients: alkali free
Uses: high temperature cloth, high temperature tape, fireproof bag, fireproof bag, flame retardant cloth, insulation board, insulation rod, circuit board, copper clad laminate, coating, silicone thermal conductivity, PTFE, Teflon, insulation tube
Shape: large roll, small roll, multiple joints and few joints


Non-alkali glass fiber cloth, referred to as non-alkali cloth, is suitable as a reinforcing material for mica products, varnished cloth and glass steel for electrical insulation.

1. The non-alkali cloth is made of aluminum borosilicate glass and its alkali metal oxide content is not more than 0.5%.

2. When drawing glass fiber raw yarn, use textile type (paraffin emulsion) infiltrant, its content is not more than 2%. Such as the replacement of other types of infiltrant or change the content, by the supply and demand sides through consultation and decision.

3. The acceptance regulations and test methods for non-alkali cloths are in accordance with JC 176-80 "Test methods for glass fiber products

Provisions are made.

Non-alkali glass fiber cloth

Non-alkali glass fiber cloth pic

Non-alkali glass fiber cloth products

Non-alkali glass fiber cloth product

Product picture of alkali-free glass fiber cloth

Picture of alkali-free glass fiber cloth

Non-alkali glass fiber cloth packaging

Product performance

Glass fiber cloth has good fire resistance

The glass fiber of this product is flame retardant, non-combustible than organic fiber, good heat insulation and sound insulation

Tensile insulation material

Possess good insulation ability, excellent material selection, good resistance to pulling

Strong heat-resistant block air

With viscous glass fibers, a clear fiber grid enhances resistance

Facing aluminum foil is not easy to wear

The thickness of the glass fiber is good, the effect of high temperature insulation is good, and the service life is long

Applicable scene

Used in glass fiber reinforced plastic products, ships, tanks, buildings. The product has good corrosion resistance, is easily infiltrated by resin, has good adhesion between layers, can be suitable for various curved surfaces, and has high construction efficiency; at the same time, it has fire resistance, flame retardant, waterproof, aging resistance, weather resistance, high strength, high modulus Quantity and other characteristics. It is widely used as a reinforced material for glass fiber reinforced plastics and engineering plastics for acid media, anti-corrosion, thermal insulation, fire-retardant, fire-retardant, waterproof materials, etc.





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