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The cause of corrosion on building panels!

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The cause of corrosion on building panels!

Building sheet manufacturers tell what causes the corrosion of building boards. The problem of corrosion of building panels is that the construction sheet processing plant pays more attention to it. To better prevent the original building panels from being corroded, it is necessary to investigate what causes the corrosion of the building panels.

The cause of corrosion of building boards is generally fungus; the fungus is also divided into many kinds, including decaying bacteria, color-changing balls, molds and so on. These fungi are suitable for living in an environment with sufficient air to allow these fungi to grow faster if they have the right amount of water. Tips for preventing corrosion of building boards:

a. Maintain the building board and apply a layer of protective agent on the original building board. Although the maintenance procedure is relatively expensive, the effect is ideal.

b. It is not enough to apply protective agent. It is also necessary to ensure that the environment in which the building board is located is well ventilated. It is better to lay a moisture-proof pad between the building board and the building board, so as to ensure that the building board is not wet.

c. The more important thing is to avoid the building boards from being exposed to moisture. The room where the building boards are placed should be dry and not wet.Building sheet

The cause of corrosion on building panels!





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