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The characteristics of building plates!

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The characteristics of building plates!

In general decoration, the building materials are not painted, and sometimes the fireproof coating is applied as needed when doing the internal structure.

   In theory, building panels can be used in styling, but the problem is whether it is aesthetically pleasing. As long as it is aesthetically pleasing, there is no material or thing that can't be used. This mainly depends on the designer's skill. The specifications of the wood are generally divided into 30*50 mm. This refers to its length and width. We call it 35 squares. This is generally used for hanging wooden keels, or for making some internal structures. 60*90, the frame of the general old-fashioned furniture is made with this, but it is rarely seen in home decoration. 120*40, called the door side. It is used to make the skeleton of the door. On both sides, the board is sprayed with paint, and one door is made. The length of the wood can ensure that the dimensional tolerance of the sawn wood is within 0.5MM, the standard deviation of the size is small, and the wood is saved. The operation is safe and simple, and there are no security risks. The output is high, with an output of about 20 cubic meters per day for 8 hours.Building sheet

The characteristics of building plates!





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