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The machine equipments management is with the change for maintaining

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The machine equipments management is with the change for maintaining

The equipments management has a fresh clear ages characteristic, along with the forerunner's management thought and the forerunner technical development its contents continuously innovation, equipments' managing a work is a system engineering, and Gao Chan, superior quality, consume low, the safety, efficiency is closely related.

Because the modern machine makes technical of the high technology turn, structure complication, operation automation the exaltation of degree, its request for maintaining is stricter and stricter, the difficulty is bigger and bigger, maintain a position also important day by day.This text Chien said the method of maintaining of having of a few typical modelses representative:①With periodically maintain for the prevention of main form maintain a method;②Take credibility as method in the maintaining of center;③With periodical with see feeling to combine together of maintain method;④Invests for the sake of the future of maintain a method;⑤The green that several near in the last yearses put forward maintains method to provide exchanges.

A, take prevention as lord of maintain a method and periodically maintain to make

People think that the safety of machine equipments is decided by its credibility for long time, so think and prevent work from doing more much, fix a period more short, the machine equipments is more dependable, this be we follow and use several years of take periodically maintaining as the prevention of lord maintain a method.Namely in spite of each one concretely maintain the technique condition of object and use how environment is, all have to according to unifying prescriptive time or driving a mileage to carry on compulsive to maintain(if is current rules of 1, 2, x-rated maintain) and aiming at sexual of maintain.Machine equipments and maintaining of spare parts in earlier period for the method that periodically maintains were more suitable, once maintained an important function to the our country machine equipments.Machine equipments

The machine equipments management is with the change for maintaining

The earlier period periodically maintained to make to increase to maintain workload and maintain expenses and shut down time, it the result is to do a lot of invalid maintain, but can not expel in time random breakdown and broke down in early days.To the statistics analysis that breaks down a data enunciation, periodically maintain the control to many breakdowns and have no effect, the decomposition check carried on can not provide to fair use of spare parts when will probably appear the true circumstance for breaking down, excessively dismantle to fix to on the contrary and easily produce artificial break down, increment maintain depletion and lower to maintain an efficiency.

The theory proves that for the complicated machine equipments, its breakdown is mainly random of, but periodically maintain can not expel random break down, therefore, people start at the beginning of 60's in last century to tradition of maintain a method creation doubt.At this time period the nation with starts passing apply dependable sex outline, maintain to sex, press need to be checked and replace...etc. experiment sex work carry on quest, the first step produced to take credibility as on the statistical foundation center of maintain a method.

Two, take credibility as method in the maintaining of center with see feeling to maintain to make

Taking credibility as the maintaining of center is a modern to maintain theoretical core.The standpoint of system engineering thinks that maintaining all of develop, design, making of object, uses is maintaining- related links, each links all around credibility this inside heart carries on a work, therefore maintain the credibility of object is circularly getting a continuous improvement and exaltation in the back and forth.

Take credibility as method in the maintaining of center is also to tradition of take prevention as lord of maintain inheritting of method and development, people's understanding in maintaining from original work-wear away-breakdown-endanger a safety to turn into into to adopt actively effective measure, control the machine equipments credibility descends of factor to keep the proper and dependable of resuming the machine equipments.

Pass to the machine in the middle of each link of equipments the analysis of the credibility various factor, science ground assurance maintains work item, the optimization maintains a way and makes sure a maintaining of reasonable period, does have to do of maintain a work, make the credibility of machine equipments get instauration, and save maintenance time and expenses.

Take credibility as method in the maintaining of center to have 4 following important points:①The credibility of the machine equipments is decided by a design manufacturing, resuming of proper and dependable and keep to be decided by to correctly use and maintain, maintain not appropriate on the contrary will make credibility descend;②Maintaining has to have already aimed at sex, is taking credibility as under method instruction in the maintaining of center not dependable factor and part to do necessary check to fix a work to the machine equipments;③The form that makes sure preventing from maintaining according to its applicability and the usefulness standard in fixed time maintain, saw feeling to maintain, break down diagnosis or called that the concealment function examines 3 kinds of forms;④The maintaining of establishment integrity information system, for maintain macro view decision provide a dependable information, maintaining the information is the key that carries out to maintain.

It is to have a foothold at the analysis of breaking down the mechanism to see feeling to maintain, according to doing not understand the result of body test, be maintain object to appear latent break down carry on adjustment and maintain or replace, avoid the occurrence of function breakdown thus.The latent breakdown means to have evidence, but haven't developed of breakdown;The function breaks down a general mechanical trouble, such as the clutch beat slippery, the gearbox jump file, generator not and generate electricity etc..

Many units at carry through take credibility as center of maintain method, implementation to see feeling to maintain to make of in the process, in order to maintaining to examine an equipments not good enough, usually exist to leak check and leak to control an etc. problem to the status supervision of the engineering machine, this maintains the credibility of work and exaltation engineering machine to the normal maintenance extremely disadvantageous.

Three, periodically maintain and see feeling to maintain to combine together of maintain system

The theory basis that periodically maintains and sees feeling to maintain to combine together system is dependable sex theory, the dependable sex theory points out that the breakdown of machine equipments can is divided into abrupt of with gradually enter of two type.Suddenly the type breakdown means that the omen didn't appear but can detect, but the damage appears in a moment;Gradually enter a type the breakdown is to direct to use to damage degree to aggravate gradually in the process, separate the slowness with quick like wearing away of spare parts, decay etc..Appear to all have earlier period in the process at it, no matter which break down, random and the loss is 3 breakdown stages.

1, broke down a stage in early days

The damage that uses early spare parts in the machine equipments leads higher, but the damage rate on the contrary descends after an use of period, this is because to the original material of spare parts and it manufacturing craft's strengthening examination and quality control then can reduce or keep this kind of earlier period from damaging the emergence of product and lowered the damage rate in earlier period, but prevent from maintaining then being incapable for the dint to this.

2, random breakdown stage

This stage not only the breakdown rate is very small, and substantially is a constant, because the damage of spare parts is accidental occurrence of, the big part relates to its strength and the burden born and prevent from maintaining also invalid to this.

3, the loss break down a stage

Machine equipments after long term after the use, because of tired or wear away etc. reason to result in strength and function of spare parts' descending, damage rate ascension, the breakdown of this stage belongs to more spare parts aging problem.Carry on prevention to check and maintain in time to the loss breakdown, make spare parts not work into a loss breakdown stage, can reduce the occurrence of this breakdown, prevent failure rate quick ascension.

On the Zong say, periodically maintain to be applicable to a development quick or take no cognizance feeling condition of gradually enter breakdown, see feeling to maintain to then be applicable to development slow-moving and have already seen feeling condition of gradually enter break down.Be showed from this, will periodically maintain and see feeling to maintain both to combine together to have the important function to repair with each other.Machine equipments

Four, invest for the sake of the future of maintain a method

The modern maintains already not only is the means that resumes to originally possessed machine function, and is improve a machine equipments the function then raise the measure of quality indispensability, the Eastern Europe nation puts forward at the beginning of in 90's invest for the sake of the future of maintain a method to reflect the flourishing nation is to the new understanding that maintains a position.It from to break down and damaged of repair development for pass to maintain to attain assurance to use a machine equipments to circulate as usual now of purpose, afterwards again raise "maintain is a kind of investment to the business enterprise, and is also important with fixed assets to invest" of understanding, have never maintained investment then the fixed assets Be hard to take back, hard extension.

The machine equipments management is with the change for maintaining

The thought of "maintain- invest for the sake of the future" is as well the breakthrough that maintains a method to the tradition, explain in the middle of being modern and greatly producing maintain Be no longer a kind of assistance means and emergency measure, but the importance of the productivity constitute part, relating to economy and developing an important task of the farsighted benefits.

Five, the green maintain a method

Know to all, the environment, resources and population is the 3 greatest problems that mankind's society faces nowadays, particularly is an ecoenvironment to encounter a severity breakage, the Earth resources to in great quantities consume outstanding problem.The our country can keep on to develop strategic commitment for the sake of implementing implementation and put forward the speculation of sweeping the production, the green maintains a method be put forward under this kind of background.

The green maintains is comprehensive environment influence and using of resource efficiency of modern maintain mode, product in addition to attaining to keep and resuming to stipulate status, namely after maintaining process and maintaining until discard to handle this in addition to keeping and resuming the status that it originally stipulates, this target, also need to carry out to maintain wastes and harmful emissions thing minimum, to environment of negative effect minimum, to the labor that maintains and uses a personnel protection good, at the same time the target of using of resource tallest efficiency.

Green's maintaining is one to involve various of comprehensive system, is sweep to produce the mode is maintaining the concrete embodiment in the industry, is modern maintain an industry of can keep on to develop mode.Nowadays make engineering will more and more be tended to unify with maintaining engineering, remake to build engineering also day by day is valued combine quick development, become newly arisen industry realm.

The theory comes from practice and guide fulfillment, again in the fulfillment continuously development with perfect.More than 50 in the last yearses maintained a continuously turning into of the method and developed to consumedly push an our country to maintain the progress of business and made every trade be maintaining to obtain a plenteous achievement in the work.Manage a work in the modern equipments in, should reasonably choose to maintain system, make equipments management and maintain a work the thought and advanced technical development is along with the advanced management but continuously creative, maintaining of 21th century will be greenly maintain, the maintain, remaking of forerunner build maintaining of engineering.





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