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Walkie Talkie Nine Volt Lithium Ion Battery Spot

Whether to import: No
Order number: 9V550 mAh
Model: 9V550 mAh
Rated capacity: 550 (mah)
Custom processing: Yes
Standard voltage: 8.4 (V)
Dimensions: 48 * 26 * 16 (mm)
Applicable type: Interphone
Product certification: ISO
Applicable product model: microphone
Charging time: 8
Battery type: lithium battery
Dimensions: 48 * 26 * 16
Whether it is rechargeable: rechargeable
Standard capacity: 550
Material: lithium ion
Charging voltage: 9V
Storage temperature: 20
Operating temperature: -10 ° to 45 °
Net weight: 0.2 (g)
Scope of application: microphone, universal meter, etc.
Minimum capacity: 550
Shelf life: 1 year
Internal resistance: 20-30 (ohm)
Factory voltage: 8.4V
Whether to charge: rechargeable
Nominal capacity: 550
Specifications: 9V550 mAh


Advantages: Strong manufacturers have passed multiple qualification certifications, and the inspection report is the product of quality inspection. Environmental protection and safety, recycling, strong power. One battery, multiple uses, low carbon and environmental protection, can be recycled. Economical and durable, safe and no leakage, more reliable to use.

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