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Welding Mask Protection Sheet

Style: Head-mounted
Function: Anti-radiation heat
Material: PP
Shade: high


Welding mask refers to a tool that protects the safety of the copy protection workers during welding and cutting operations. It is a high-tech product integrating optics, electronics, anthropology, materials and other disciplines. High-quality LCD and glass-plated combination are used as light-shielding lenses. The light-sensing system on the lens can instantly detect the generation and disappearance of arc light during electric welding, and quickly drive the liquid crystal body to prevent light and discoloration. The welder's eyes and face know to avoid the harm of arc radiation.

Welding mask protection sheet

Details display

Manual and automatic adjustment panel

The three adjustment design of manual self-integration adjustment to find the right and comfortable brightness for both eyes is the brightness that suits you.

High-sensitivity probe design

The flash dimming perceived by the eye, the dimming speed will not cause harm to the eyes

Sufficient photovoltaic power supply

The arc light and sunlight generated by electric welding supply power to the lithium battery through the voltage stabilizing system

Use with welding mask

The lens cannot be used alone, it needs to be installed on the welding mask before it can be used

Flash is not just talking

Powered by solar photovoltaic panels, the lithium battery power storage smart chip completes fast and complex calculation processing and presents the picture.

Welding mask protection film real shot

Welding mask protection film real picture

Welding mask protection film real shot display

Welding mask protective film real product





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