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Welding mask cap shell

Model: 9100-QR welding mask cap shell (with slide rail)
Configuration: 3M 9100-QR


Combined with 9100V dimming screen, it can be applied to a variety of welding operations, including manual electric welding, gas-shielded gas welding and high-current non-melting gas-shielded welding.


Compatible with most domestic helmets, the protection is more comprehensive and safer.


There are rollers at the interface of the mask to adjust the tightness at will.


The design of the slide rail is convenient for adjusting the welding cap to a better center of gravity and turning the welding cap up, so that the welder can operate more comfortably and safely.


The guide rail slot can be moved, and the installation and removal of the welding cap can be completed with one hand.


The terminal and front end of the slide rail are equipped with rubber, which makes the combination stronger.


Welding mask cap shell


1. Its design is suitable for the most popular safety helmets in the industry. After installing the quick release lever, you can easily remove the welding screen when you are not welding, and retain your safety helmet.

2. The bright state can be locked, such as when polishing.

3. Compatible with most 3M ™ disposable welding particulate respirator

4. Soft nose clip, more comfortable and stable to wear

5. Polycarbonate lens blocks 99.9% of UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays, and meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 and GB14866-2006 anti-shock glasses





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